Australians committed to responsible farming are always looking for ways to make their crops more resistant to disease and pest infestations.

Using insecticides is one way to manage pests from impacting your crops. Controlling pests when the crop is emerging and is most vulnerable, or a fast kill once pests move into the crop, helps protect yields and quality.

We stock a wide range of quality insecticides from seed protection to knockdown products.

Choosing the best insecticide for your situation requires an understanding of the:

  • type of target pest
  • severity of infection
  • crop the pest is present in

Your local Tableland Fertilizers team know your area and the latest products on offer. We can help you choose the product that suits your situation best.

Correct insecticide choice is also critical for breaking the pest resistance cycle and ensuring we always have products that are both effective and affordable.

Contact Tableland Fertilizers for advice on the right insecticide for your crop.