Livestock ID

Looking to buy recognised, trusted and respected animal health products such as livestock ID? Then you’ll appreciate the vast range at Tableland Fertilizers.

NLIS (National Livestock Identification System) tags are just one type of animal identification product we offer in both electronic and visual form.

Investing in NLIS tags for your farm animals will give you peace of mind. These tags make it easy for authorities to pinpoint and track livestock. If a farm animal has an NLIS tag, it will be trackable from birth right through to processing. If you need to transfer a farm animal to a different property, it must have an NLIS tag.

NLIS allows you to:

  • Record livestock movements
  • Check what livestock are on your property
  • See what livestock you've bought, sold & moved

If you have any questions regarding guidelines for NLIS tags ask our expert staff.
We’re available to provide dependable and comprehensive animal health advice.

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